Learn how to master your taxes like a boss in less than 6 weeks! 


I'll show you how to avoid tax issues from the birth of your business to the growth and expansion stages.



You have the power to overcome your fears or past negative experiences around your taxes and build a thriving successful business of your dreams. 


Keeping up with your taxes without any prior knowledge can be very overwhelming on top of trying to run your own business I know. 

Listen, getting a letter from the IRS can seem daunting.

  • You started a business but you really don’t know what your tax responsibility is.
  • You feel like you are paying way more in taxes than you should.
  • You turned your taxes over to someone who you thought would take care of things timely only to learn they didn’t.
  • You owe back taxes and want to never return to this predicament again.
  • You are growing and what to hire staff but don’t know the tax implications of employees and contractors.
  • You are fearful about being audited by the IRS and cross your fingers that your turn isn’t up anytime soon.
  • You are ready to finally empower yourself with knowledge and operate like the CEO you are.
  • You are tired of possibly overpaying in taxes, and living in fear of Uncle Sam.

Reality Check: From day one when you start a business Uncle Sam expects you to comply with federal tax laws. No excuses or ignorance of the law will be an adequate defense.

Don’t let this part of the business go neglected and end up costing you more money and possibly your business.


Maybe you have heard a horror story or two from relatives or fellow business owners but this does not have to be your experience

You may be tempted to simply put this on the back burner and not deal with it. There are consequences to this approach, I’ve seen first hand the devastation and the toll this matter can have on business owners, their marriages, families etc.

I want to help you avoid this treacherous road.

So why am I doing this?

First, allow me to introduce myself.

Hello, I’m Angela Randolph, CPA and 4 years ago I decided to leverage my 20+ years of experience in accounting, audit, finance and tax compliance to help small business owners achieve their financial goals. From this desire I birthed my firm Stellar Ledgers® which offers financial accounting, consulting, coaching and training services to service-based businesses.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some incredible business owners and nothing has given me more purpose and sustained zest than seeing CEOs gain financial freedom, independence and security through entrepreneurship.

I too felt trapped in Corporate America, a job with fixed salaries, incremental cost of living raises, furloughs, that offer limited career opportunities. I knew the key to wealth building was through owning assets…ie a business. So I 1000% could relate to clients and business owners across the United States because I wanted the same for myself. Sure running a business has some risk but the rewards are so much worth it.



I’ve spoken to many business owners at all income levels, and I’ve repeatedly heard countless stories about tax issues, problems that wreak havoc on people's lives.

I knew I had to do something to try to alleviate this problem. I’ve examined 100s of tax returns for businesses on the state and federal level so I know the traps that owners may fall into if they are not aware of their compliance responsibilities. Costly missteps can have a major impact on both your personal and business finances.

With this online course providing easy to understand training step by step from start to finish, business owners can gain the knowledge they need to operate a successful business without the fear of taxes looming around them. Plus you’ll have access to a Certified Public Accountant throughout the learning process.

Sure tax laws change, yes they do but I’m not going to teach you how to be a tax accountant by no means. This is about the fundamentals and entire framework by which you need to consider when making important decisions in your business. Decisions that have tax implications from day one such as choosing your business structure.

Why should I do this?

Can't I just hire a CPA?


You are the Ultimate Responsible Party! The buck stops with you, the business owner. Sure you can and should hire a CPA to prepare your taxes I encourage you to however there are fundamentals to business taxes that every business owner is expected to know. I believe in empowering entrepreneurs with this framework so they can make better strategic decisions, have effective conversations with their professional team of advisors and eliminate any inherit fears you may have about taxes in general and more importantly keep more of the money they generate.


Because you know what happens when you finally know how to leverage your taxes to your advantage?

•  You choose the appropriate business entity that will give you maximum tax savings for your circumstances.

•  You can plan properly for required tax filings without missing deadlines and incurring additional fees.

•  You can hire employees and contractors with confidence and not fear of state and federal tax authorities breathing down your neck.

•  You’ll breeze through any IRS examination knowing how to support your business deductions and side-step red flags.

Imagine being able to acquire the knowledge, confidence and power to run your business more efficiently in less than 6 weeks saving valuable time and money.


How to Keep Uncle Sam Out Your Pockets as you start, grow and expand your business!

A 5-week online course that will change the relationship you currently have with your taxes. The knowledge you’ll gain will empower you to operate your business in a more profitable way.


I’ve known Angela for quite some time, she is very knowledgeable about accounting, finance, and taxes. As a new business owner, she has helped me with my business tremendously. Angela has guided me in preparing for growth and development, providing my company with a great baseline foundation. She is committed to helping small business owners grow and build sustainable businesses. I highly recommend that you use her services to help your business grow and thrive.



Module 1:
The Set-Up


Learn how to set up your business properly and select the best legal structure for your business either new or existing.

We will review sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), S-Corporations and C-Corporations.

This is an important step because the way your business is structured will dictate how you are taxed.

Module 2:
Don’t Be Late!


In this module, you will learn the tax implications of each business structure and the due dates, extension deadlines, and consequences of not filing at all. This is a very important topic because the main genesis of tax issues begins with missing deadlines or failing to file altogether and the issue snowballs from this point forward. It doesn’t matter who files if it’s not done on time and correctly it will have consequences for the business.

Module 3:
It Costs to Be the Boss


In this module, you learn about applicable self-employment taxes, estimated and payroll taxes that may apply to your business. You’ll know if you should be paying estimated quarterly taxes?

As you begin to hire staff, it’s important to know how to classify them for tax purposes and your responsibilities for withholding and filing employment taxes.

Module 4:
It’s Not Personal Just Business


Learn the importance of keeping your personal and business activities separate. How to keep track of your business expenses and maximize your deductions.

This strategy is a must for every business to ensure you are not overlooking items resulting in overpayment of taxes.


Module 5:
Got Proof?


Here you’ll get the best practices for supporting your tax return from an auditor's perspective. I’ll review the top audit red flags to avoid.

Also, you will learn how to resolve tax issues you have so you can move forward with a mutually acceptable outcome.


Angela has been a great asset to me and my team. She came along at a time when I was ready to take my business to the next level and make some sense of my financials. She has been patient, kind and extremely helpful. I now have a better understanding of my business financials, which has allowed me to begin the process of growing my business. I look forward to working with her and her agency for many years to come.



What's Included?



5 Course Modules

These modules are PACKED with video trainings, worksheets, and step-by-step narration of business tax topics, strategies, best practices, and insights from yours truly in plain language that you’ll understand dripped over the course of 5 weeks so you are not overloaded. There’s no such thing as passive learning with this course. We’re getting right to the heart of the matter, no fluff! And by the end of the program, you’ll have a simple, clear, actionable plan to keep your business taxes working for you and not against you. ($5,000 value)


5 Worksheets

This course isn’t just about learning theory. I want you to be able to apply everything you learn directly to your business, right away. These worksheets will help you work through the process of honing in on your ideal business tax strategy and making it happen. ($250 value)


5 Weekly LIVE Q&A Calls

Here is the sweet spot right here: you'll have access to a CPA where you’ll have a chance to ask questions related to the week’s lessons, solicit feedback, and dive deeper into your specific challenges. You’ll also get the benefit of meeting + networking with other business owners and learn from their experiences as well. ($3000 value)


Recorded Q&A Calls

You’ll have access to the recorded Q&A calls in case you miss the live sessions or need a refresher. You’ll benefit from the discussions, and strategies, and insights to help you implement them in your own business. No business owner will be left behind. ($500 value)


Access to our Private Facebook Group

Yes! This is a great opportunity to connect with fellow business owners. You may think you are alone in your situation and that’s far from the truth. Many of the tax struggles and issues you may have been shared by your fellow business owners. Just know it will be a judgment-free zone. You will have access to network with others to discuss updates, roadblocks, and any other challenges immediately. The KEY to this transformation is having folks by your side. ($1,000 value)


Online Course Portal

Log in and review all your lessons at your leisure and pace. (Priceless)


12 Month Access to Materials Business

Taxes are an ever-changing organism. This means I’ll be updating my program materials as needed to stay up to date with the latest developments. You’ll have access to all the materials and all the updates, one year after enrollment. (Priceless)




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Angela is a very knowledgeable and experienced accounting professional. She has a background in financial and income tax audits, accounting, and corp. finance and uses all of these skills to improve the business performance of her clients. Because of her income tax audit experience, she can help mitigate some of the issues small businesses may encounter that she sees firsthand. She is an excellent accounting resource and a valuable advisor to any organization. She is also a mentor and coach to her colleagues in the area of accounting, income tax, and entrepreneurship. I am so delighted to have known and worked with her for over 20 years.


Here’s what happens after you say yes to an investment in your business!


You’ll be taken to a page with a one-time payment of $597. You’ll choose your option with any major credit card to complete your enrollment. Sweet!


Right after you pay, you’ll get a confirmation email with all of your course deets (where to go, how to log in, where to find our awesome online community, etc).

Earliest access begins September 1, 2021.

We will rock and roll on September 1st!

Every business has a life cycle and it all starts with the birth of the business idea that progresses to the start-up phase, growth and maturity stage. Each one of these cycles requires tax strategies that align with your business goals.  Having the cash you need for operating costs, working capital is critical to all businesses and the last thing you need is any issues with Uncle Sam.

My promise to you at the end of this course is you will have a thorough understanding of your tax compliance responsibilities as business owners reducing the risk of audit, penalties, fines, and interests.




Listen, I've been in the accounting and tax industry for quite some time and there is not a situation that I haven’t heard about yet. So do not feel like your situation is not fixable that simply isn’t true. Also don’t let the shame and guilt keep you from moving forward.

We are all here to learn life lessons that focus on the peace of mind and ease you’ll experience once you are on the other side.

I’m extending a hand out to you as we walk to the other side together.

A bit more about the Instructor:

Angela Randolph, also known as Angela The CFO. Angela is the Founder/CEO of Stellar Ledgers® where she helps remove the stress, frustration, and anxiety CEOs have around managing their finances so they can focus on growing and scaling their business. Every area that can impact your finances is what she focuses on delivering peace of mind, and value-added services that are critical to the strategic planning process.

Angela has been licensed as a CPA in Texas since 1998 and obtained her BBA in Accounting and Finance from Loyola University New Orleans and an MBA in Finance and Management from Tulane University.


Angela’s experience spans over 20 plus years of progressive leadership roles in accounting, finance, tax, and audit across various industries with Fortune 500 companies, Big 4 public accounting, and state and federal government.

Angela has managed the finances for multi-million and billion-dollar fortune 500 companies advising senior executives for key strategic planning and execution in response to market demand, competition, internal environmental factors, etc. to lead the organization to more profits and achieving the company’s goals.

Angela is very passionate about empowering and equipping entrepreneurs with the financial knowledge and business acumen needed to have profitable businesses.

Angela believes that education in both personal and business finances can greatly improve the lives of the community which was the driving force of Stellar Ledgers Academy, an online training and education platform that will highlight a variety of financial topics for new and emerging businesses.


I experienced financial coaching with Angela. Before, I lacked confidence in budgeting my personal and business accounts. As a small business owner, I'm currently managing many of the day-to-day financial matters myself. Now I'm more confident. I even ENJOY, yes ENJOY, budgeting. Angela also provided templates and resources I'll be using for years to come. Above all, I appreciated the holistic nature of the financial program. If you're seeking financial coaching with heart and mind, here it is. Thank you, Angela!



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You may be tempted to put this off until later but trust me something will always come up, or a good problem to have is your business takes off really quickly and you simply may not have the time to get ahead of your tax compliance and strategy.

The time to plan strategically for your business which includes taxes is before you make the money!

Think of it this way: A small investment of now can save you thousands of dollars in taxes and peace of mind that’s invaluable. Arm yourself with the info you need to avoid costly tax mistakes.

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