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Welcome to Stellar Ledgers® Academy your online training education platform for small business owners. Learning topics include areas that matter most to both new and established companies who want to grow and scale their business.

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Signature Courses 

Birth Business Taxes

Learn how to master your taxes like a boss in less than 6 weeks! In this course you will learn how to avoid tax issues from the birth of your business to the growth and expansion stages. Starting with identifying your responsibilities for your entity structure to what you should do when you have staff. Discover the audit triggers of an IRS Audit and how to Keep Uncle Sam out of your Pockets!

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Financial Road Map for Entrepreneurs

In this self-paced program you will learn how to gain control of your finances. You will get a carefully crafted course material starting with creating goals, addressing mindset blocks, to establishing accountability for your personal and business financial results. Discover how to set up your accounting software, create a budget, and how financial statements are compiled and what key performance indicators to measure. These foundational components will setup you up for ultimate success.

VIP Coaching

Do you find yourself needing more support? This offering provides you with six sessions of one-on-one expert advice on a variety of topics including Entity Selection, Business Setup, Business Plans, Pricing Strategy, Financial Reporting, Budgeting, Financial Strategy, Accounting Software, Business Funding, Retirement Planning, Personal Finance, and Mindset. Get the guidance, clarity and execute on your financial goals.

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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

Benjamin Franklin

Operating a business is no small feat. It comes with lots of responsibilities and if you are not familiar with how to set up your business manage your cash flow, track your finances, or stay compliant with tax laws it can really be overwhelming. Stellar Ledgers Academy was created to assist business owners just like you. Our courses are designed to be a self-paced curriculum that walks you through some of the more recurring business challenges entrepreneurs face

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Learning Topics

Stellar Ledgers Academy course topics will include but are not Limited to the following:

Federal Tax Compliance

Financial Statements

Business Budgeting

Cash Flow Management

Business Structures & Legal Entities

Measuring Business Performance

Business Funding

Bookkeeping Tracking Finances


The Legal Stuff

Courses are designed for educational purposes and are not intended to replace professional financial, legal, or tax advice. For specific advice related to your circumstances please book a consultation in the Work With Me section.

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Stellar Ledgers Academy

Community of Business Owners

We understand that business success is enhanced when you surround yourself with those with a winning mindset and positive outlook We invite all of our Academy participants to become a part of our online community where we will host live Q&A sessions, foster camaraderie among other business owners, and facilitate networking opportunities with other businesses in a variety of professional industries such as health and wellness, medical, legal, marketing, business coaching and consulting, information technology, real estate and etc.

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